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Hume Presents The Phat Daughter String Quartet

rr016 Hume Presents The Phat Daughter String Quartet LP

1. For Rabbit (Jane)
2. Nach Mond Treiben (Gru)
3. Oneirnaut (Elizabeth)
4. EXP (Catherine)
5. For Rabbit (version)
6. Nach Mond Treiben (version)

$14 ppd


rr014 Sentai- Full Representation CD

1. Partial Representatio
2. Mill Party/Yamagata/Joe
3. Age Of Information
4. Arrows
5. Can You Feel It Now?
6. Yeah!
7. Extraordinary Rendition
8. Everything Change Everything
9. Contra
10. Do
11. Signed, DC

$12 ppd


1. Yellow Journalism
2. Hold that Thought
3. Red Channel
4. Mannequin

Bird noises is an experiment. We are youth mobilizing youth. Brotherhood, dancing, clapping, singing. We love music. We love people who love music. We love noise. We believe that there very well may be glory in subversion.

$7 ppd

rr012 Hand Fed Babies CDEP


1. Sunrise
2. The Fisherman Feels It
3. Islands of Loyalty
4. Our Streams
5. 15,000 Birds Marching
6. Lullaby
7. Scorpion and Barbed Wire

Hand Fed Babies began sampling old and odd records in February 2004. The intention was to create sample-based dance music. The intention still exists, however the music created falls somewhere in the middle of dub, early electronic experimentation, Central and West African rhythms, Go-Go, hip-hop and punk rock. Instruments include bass, samplers, thumb piano, a home-made dulcimer, synths, guitar, screws, PVC pipe, drum machines, pedals, and voices. Hailing from Washington, DC, the band, which includes Hugh McElroy (ex-Black Eyes) and Sean Peoples, started playing live shows in late 2004 and are touring with label mates La Mi Vida Violenta and Sentai (Split EP rr010) July 22 to August 6th in the Northeast, Midwest, and South.

$7 ppd

rr011 Equinox - "Raise Up" CDEP


1. Love in the Form of All Days
2. Blood
3. Sphere of Light

$7 ppd

rr010 La Mi Vida Violenta/Sentai split CDEP

"Battle of Magenta" - La Mi Vida Violenta
"Blanks" - La Mi Vida Violenta
"Black Jellybeans" - Sentai
"Collin Response" - Sentai
"Everything! Change Everything!" - Sentai

La Mi Vida Violenta is a huge and wonderful noise. With seven members and many more instruments (including multiple drum kits, percussion instruments, guitars, bass, saxophone, synths, flute, and cello) they play punk-afrobeat- funk-avant-garde-jazz-girl/boy revolution music. They've been expanding people's heads in DC and on tour with Q and not U and I wherever else they go. They have been playing since Summer 2002. Sentai is from IKEA (Woodbridge, Virginia) and they bring together really driving raw punk rock, a little ass shaking music, electronics and toys. Think of it as the smart kids starting a riot in the asylum wing of the grade school and the sirens turning it into a party, or something like that.

$8 ppd.

rr009 Turn Pale "Films We Like" c/w "Weapons Training"

Turn Pale “Films We Like” c/w “Weapons Training” 7”

From Turn Pale:

Weapons Training is a call to action, a call to make out and a call to ignite spontaneous dance parties.... Films We Like is about a girl who doesn't allow herself to shine in the way she was born to.  They are both about taking time alone to explore your doubts in the darkness of your room, but ultimately coming out and joining with others to shake the fear and dance with hope and joy. They are both modern takes on 'Pump Up The Volume'.  For all the darkness and 'evil' we get tagged with, we are far from either. Red lights and black clothes don't equal evil, they are simply props in the stage play.

From Ruffian:

This record, which features members of Panoply Academy (one of the best-loved weird punk bands of the last decade), is a perfect integration of gothiness and ass shaking punk dance music. Heavy and liberating at once, the bass and drums provide an irresistible rhythm while the vocals and guitar slice over it back and forth. Makes us want to bite our friends, in a friendly way, on the dance floor.

$5 ppd

rr008 Black Eyes "Some boys" b/w "Shut Up I Never" 7" OUT OF PRINT

Black Eyes: 2 Drum Kit 2 Bass  1 Guitar 1 "Piano" Some Percussion Some Mouths. Black Eyes admire: UK rhythm (Slits/Pop Group/Pigbag/Gang of Four/Au Pairs) US No Wave and Dance punk (Liquid Liquid/DNA) Miscellany Einsturzende Neubaten The Ex Faust Dub Can Black Flag Miles Davis Birthday Party Fela Kuti Brian Eno Haitian Rara Intelligent Dance Music Black Eyes have been or Have played in/with: Trooper The Pain The No-Gos Exaspirin Epson Energy The Rapture The (Last) Seconds (Of) Amalgamation The Better Automatic.......this 7" recorded by Don and Ian at Inner Ear Studios Arlington, VA Three January Two Thousand, Two Stop.



BOHICA re-invented some of the best of "post punk" and difficult fun with convulsive harmonies, shrieks, and thumps. DC wasn't the same for the ten months they were here. After they broke up, they mixed their studio recordings and compiled some live tapes to create this album. Members of BOHICA are now whiskey-bent and hell-bound in Wussy Bunny. The tape is pink on one side and orange on the other with silver ink. Bet you wish you had one.

$6 ppd.

rr006 No-Gos "Young ironists" b/w "Zombie Version" 7"

This 7" could be seen as the No-Gos moving towards some of the ideas Black Eyes would explore, featuring a more stripped-down bass and drum-focused sound (with guitar and SK-1). The b-side is a dub mix of the a-side.

$5 ppd

rr005 Aerialist/The No-Gos split 7"

Aerialist is a one-person, many-piece vibes/drums/sampler/moog outfit. I don't know how else to put it. His side is all repeating vibes with synth washes and samples of vocals over and over and again and then again. Then the drums kick in. The No-Gos are all now in Black Eyes. Their side of this 7" is more like rock...sort of.

$5 ppd 

rr004 The No-Gos CS OUT OF PRINT.

If you really want a copy e-mail me about it.

rr003 Exaspirin CS OUT OF PRINT

Math in a manner of speaking. It may help, for an idea of what this sounds like, that this band was everyone who ended up in Early Humans with one of the guys from Black Eyes singing. 4 songs + "Jailbreak" + Tape loops and bathtub experiments. OUT OF PRINT. See rr004.

rr002 A.K.A. Harlot #1 "100% Pure Criminal Candy" CS 

*Out of Stock*

Exponents of the Ruffian Youth Conspiracy. All about spies and sabotage, hearts, nerves, and knives. Two basses, girl/boy vocals, part shouted, part chanteused. Compared to Huggy Bear (usually for musical reasons, but one time because they allegedly looked like French Beatniks...we don't understand either). They were here and gone in the summer of '96. 4 or 6 songs depending on your point of view.

$3 ppd.

rr001 The Vestpocket Psalm "Over Brooklyn" 7" 

*Out Of Stock (Available on iTunes)*

The Vestpocket Psalm from NYC and DC=Melodic Punk + Poetry + Train Yards. Molly Hein (Guitar) has recently made a documentary examining E. 96th street and it's history, including it's status as a border. Check it out if you can. Liz (vocals) is a poet in NYC. Her work is really good too. Raphael from Vitapup plays bass on this.  4 songs. Because this came out when we were in High School and we had no $$$ there were only a limited number of covers printed for this.

We are almost out of covers and have to re-xerox the inserts. If I run out of covers before you order yours I will send a xerox copy of it.

$3 ppd.

Non Ruffian Stuff

Bazhena CD (Foilage) Bazhena and Black Eyes toured together in June of 2003 and this 6-song CD was recorded by Hugh from Black Eyes in February of that year in a basement that was flooded with melting snow and everyone got sick. The CD is not that damp and cold and wont make you sick. Foundation bass, heavy, scattering drums, and choppy guitar clash and come together in and out of sudden changes and long grooves with vocals coming in and out sometimes sung, sometimes shouted.

$7 ppd.

I Control the Dinosaurs "Prehistory" CD (Leedspoint Records). Musically more appropriate to the snow-flooded climate described above, I Control the Dinosaurs create a churning, dreadful ambience with electric/electronic/acoustic tools. Dan who turned the piano track on the Bazhena CD into a noise-stravaganza is in this band also.

$7 ppd.

Black Eyes CD single. This CD features the Black Eyes songs from their first 7" (rr008) and from their split 7" with Early Humans on Planaria. The first 7" is still available and the song on the split was re-recorded for the album, but for those without record players or who are interested in hearing the first three songs by Black Eyes recorded in their first few months as a band, this would be well worthwhile.

$6 ppd.

Hives Need Hearts 7" (Featuring Bazhena, the Beauty Pill, and the No-Gos) (Tomato Juice Records) A benefit for the Community for Creative Non-Violence.

$5 ppd. 

 Hand Fed Babies T-Shirt Navy Sizes: XL, M, S, Youth L

Where's the picture?

$13 ppd.

Horses T-Shirt Black Sizes: XL, L

$8 ppd.

 Horses T-Shirt White Sizes: XL, L, M, Youth M      

$8 ppd.

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 Ruffian Youth Conspiracy T-Shirt (some only have Ruffian logo) Sizes: L, M, S     
$13 ppd.