Current News:
News 18 September 2007:
Sentai is back from a short northeastern tour and is planning on releasing their album "Full Representation" this fall. The record was recorded by Don Zientara at Inner Ear and by Sentai at Swim-Two-Birds in the spring of 2007. Hand Fed Babies is taking a break from show to write new songs and release their album "Line of Control" as well as coordinate the vinyl release of their self-titled EP (with bonus tracks) on Snakefork. Equinox is working away at their album. There are plans to finish mixing the Bird Noises/Polynation tracks recorded at Inner Ear as part of the DC Free Recording Project. Some kind of release is intended though we don't have the details yet. Creeping Nobodies, Mika Miko, Love of Diagrams, Japanther, and other friends of ruffian will be on tour in the coming days, go check them out. Invisible stars, sing me to sleep,

OLDER POSTS:News 22 June 2007:
On May 31st we lost our dear friend Joe Amoury, who played in Bird Noises. While his loss is terribly painful, the joy he brought into the world with his music and friendship will be with us always. Our love and condolences to all his friends and family, those we know and those we haven't yet met. ostendent terris hunc tantum fata nec ultra esse sinent.
Peace, mountains of peace,

News 1 February, 2007
Hello everyone, sorry for the long silence. There have been a few changes around here lately. The first is that Collin from Sentai has taken over maintenance of the website. Sean has been working on his label Sockets CDR (see link above) and has tunred over his web duties to Collin. We already have band pages now on the site (up, but under construction) and we're getting more direct Paypal support on the site so you can buy records more easily on the site itself.

Since we last posted news, I, Hugh, have become a full time member of Sentai (after some months of being a temprorary replacement. This weirdly makes me a member of half the active ruffian bands. That's probably gonna change this year as we've been thinking about putting out some new records. Indeed we have our first CDR EP coming out in March. It's an EP by the band Bird Noises. They are a young, local punk band who have been tearing it up at shows in the area. It'll be available here before it's official release and they've been flogging them at shows so no need to wait.
Still no online download sales. We're working on it.
Also we are now a Dischord Partner label. The good folks over at Dischord have just put up their new website and you can find most available ruffian releases over there under "Partner Labels". Check it out!

Turn Pale have a new album coming out on Plan-it X and on vinyl on another label. It's fucking amazing. You should track it down.

Sentai had an incredible tour in Japan in November where we played with some incredible plans, saw some amazing places, ate really amazing food (though veganism is a bit tricky to negotiate over there), and felt healthy the whole time due to the vast quantities of unsweetened iced green tea that we drank. Big love to Shino for bringing us over.
We also played with Shift from Yamagata in DC in December and they blew the spot up. Don Zientara opened the show with some beautiful acoustic songs. To make the whole thing more of a family affair, Don was in the middle of recording an album for Shift when we all played together. Sentai will be going into Inner Ear with Don in March to track an album.

Hand Fed Babies are finishing tracking and starting to mix a new album at Swim-Two-Birds. We're also working on a vinyl release of our 2005 EP on Snakefork with some bonus tracks on it. The new record will feature a number of guest vocalists and drums on one song from Justin Moyer of Antelope.

Equinox is working hard on a new album also at Swim-Two-Birds. Rough mixes will probably start popping up at soon. Aerialist has returned to life as an active group. Check them out at, The DC Free Recording Project has been going along at a fine clip. We've done five sessions and are booking the next five.

That's it for now. More news as we get it.

News 6 March, 2006
Big news this time. Ruffian Records/Swim-Two-Birds is partnering with Dischord Records and Inner Ear Studios for the DC Free Recording Project. What is the DC Free Recording Project, you ask? Read on:
DC Free Recording Project
The DC Free Recording Project is a joint project of Dischord Records, Inner Ear Studios, and Ruffian Records/Swim-Two-Birds Studio. We are offering free, short (five hour) recording sessions at Inner Ear to young, DC area bands/projects that have not worked in a professional recording studio before. The sessions will be engineered by Hugh McElroy (Swim-Two-Birds).
To participate, bands/projects must play original music and at least half of the members must be 18 or younger. There will be a limited number of sessions. To apply, email (the e-mail has no F in it) and tell us a few things about your band or project. We'd like to know
1) The name of your band/project
2) How long your band or project has been active
3) If you play original music
4) Whether this band/project has worked in a professional studio before
5) Anything else you'd like to let us know about this band/project (instrumentation, what kind of music you are playing/interested in, why you started this band/project, or anything else you think is important)

The DC Recording Project
We're already getting e-mail from bands and musicians about this and there will probably only be about 10 sessions available so get in touch. The project is open to all styles of music but because of the short time available for each session, bands/projects need to come in with finished songs.
This and other information will be available elsewhere on this site and eventually on the Project's website which is  still under construction.
You may be wondering also what a 'swim-two-birds' is. Swim-Two-Birds is Hugh's studio in DC. It's in a bit of transition right now but it offers 8 track analog and digital recording (though more tracks are available digitally) and mixing. It's a fairly simple studio which has allowed it to stay inexpensive. You can get in touch through ruffian for more information about it if you want to. Bands who have recorded there include Bazhena, Navies, Sentai, The Max Levine Ensemble, HITS, La Mi Vida Violenta, Exactly What, Early Humans, Tuohy, Equinox, Hand Fed Babies, The Cornel West Theory, Lost It, A Day in Black and White, BOHICA, and many others.
We're still working on getting the catalog up on some of the dowload sites. We're almost done with the necessary digitization of the records and art and we'll post as soon as that's available. We're also hoping to make some unreleased music available through the same sites, perhaps as internet only albums and EPs. We have loads of stuff that was meant to come out but didn't for various reasons or came out in very limited release and we'll be working on releasing some of it online and possibly some of it through Sean's label Sockets CDR.
While we're on the topic of online shopping, lots of you have been asking if we have Black Eyes shirts for sale. We will soon. There is a small number of shirts left from the band's last US and European tours, all size Large. We'll be scanning those and putting them in the catalog as soon as we can. We also have Horses T-shirts. Horses was Dan, Hugh, and Mike from Black Eyes and Fiona from Et At It. They played their last show in August of 2005, 358 days after their first show. They also released a very small-run CDR demo which nearly completely sold out during a weekend tour with Q and not U. We're looking into getting that up, most likely as a free download, somewhere. Again, we'll keep you posted. 
Also hand fed babies t-shirts can be ordered through us. You can check the design and order direct through paypal at
The Stabs from Australia are coming to the US on tour this month. Look out for them. Feed them and put them up if you can. They're pretty amazing. 
We're hoping to have some more big news soon. Keep checking. 

News 19 February 2006

Hand Fed Babies just released a live cd-r and you can purchase it for $6ppd from this link. It is a limited edition of 100 copies and each copy is numbered. The live recording reflects the direction of HFB in live shows.

News 20 January 2006

Happy new year. Our lack of web activity in the ruffian camp may be perceived as little activity outside the web. Well, a ton of stuff is going on and here is a partial list:

Hugh's been really busy recording and playing bass with Sentai and holding it down in Hand Fed Babies. This week Hugh played several solo shows with Demon Fling (Don Fleming/Chris Grier). The songs were sung acapella.

We've also been busy getting the ruffian catalogue up for download. More info on that soon, but expect some links in the coming weeks.

Sean's CD-r label, SocketsCDR, is releasing a ton of stuff and will continue to do so for the next several months. The next several releases include FFFFs, Cornel West Theory, Chris Grier, Audio Zine #2, Myo, Sentai live in NY, and the Caution Curves. Check the new site out over at

Hand Fed Babies will be playing around DC in the next several months. Look out for a small east coast tour in February and then possibly a European jaunt in the Spring sometime...


News 19 July, 2005

Ruffian BFF tour 2005 begins at the end of this week. Check these websites for up-to-date information about locations, time and cost:

Hand Fed Babies Myspace

La Mi Vida Violenta

The catalogue page is updated to reflect the two new releases...

News 7 July, 2005

We're gearing up for the ruffian BFF tour which is leaving DC on Friday the 22nd of July. So if you're in the following places, Sentai, La Mi Vida Violenta, and Hand Fed Babies might need to sleep on your couch (not all together).

Th. July 21st Washington, DC Head Roc, Hand Fed Babies, Eyes of the Killer Robot Fort Reno Park

Ruffian Records BFF Tour 2005 w/ La Mi Vida Violenta, Sentai and Hand Fed Babies:

Fri. 7/22 The Flywheel, Easthampton, MA
Sat. 7/23 Gloucester, MA
Sun. 7/24 Providence, RI (we need help with this show, please e-mail us)
Mon. 7/25 Galloway American Legion Post 430, Cologne, NJ
Tues. 7/26 Philadelphia, PA (may need help here as well)
Wed. 7/27 Pittsburgh, PA (will post venue info soon)
Thu. 7/28 Cincinnati, OH (venue info soon)
Fri. 7/29 Bloomington, IN with a Panoply Academy and ex-Turn Pale band
Sat. 7/30 Chicago, IL
Sun. 7/31 Maybe Kansas City
Mon. 8/1 St. Louis, MO
Tues. 8/2 Louisville, KY
Wed. 8/3 no show, long drive
Thu. 8/4 Greeneville, NC
Fri. 8/5 Charlottesville, VA
Sat. 8/6 Baltimore, MD

We'll have copies of the new ruffian releases (La Mi Vida Violenta/Sentai split CDEP, Equinox CDEP, Hand Fed Babies CDEP) with us and probably some interesting other stuff (ruffian backcatalogue) and we're nice people. There will be 12 of us travelling together so if anyone wants to put up some fraction of our touring party let us know by e-mail.

The Hand Fed Babies and Equinox EPs are scheduled for official release on Aug. 9th but we'll have them available before that.

In sadder news, Horses has decided to call it a really fun year of playing shows and play our last show at Fort Reno on August 18th. Before that, we're playing with Love of Diagrams (Australia) who I saw last night and who are awesome and Mika Miko (LA) who I've never seen but who are great too. the show is Tues. 7/12 at Kansas house, which is at 900 N. Kansas St. in Arlignton, VA and is accessible from the Courthouse and Virginia Square Metro stations. It'll be fun and starts at 8pm. Our last show will be the final show of the Fort Reno season. I hope you can make it out. Dan from Horses will be touring with Chris Richards of Q and not U in early August.

We hope you're having a really good summer.

Shake the Nation,

News, 5 June, 2005

A little update:

Some new shows for Sentai, La Mi Vida Violenta and Hand Fed Babies.


Check out the SocketsCDR page for new releases and we'll be posting audio very soon to this site. If you want to join the ruffian records google group, e-mail

News, 22 May, 2005

Hey everybody, here is an update on a couple of things:

The Equinox EP (pictured to the right) will be out in the next couple of weeks. Let us know if you want to order a copy early.

Sentai played several shows with Supersystem this weekend and will be playing a show with Hand Fed Babies and Sharon Cheslow. Check out the shows page for more dates.

Hand Fed Babies recorded an EP this month and that should come out some time in July. HFB will be playing a show in Baltimore this weekend and will be playing the Black Cat in DC on Monday, May 30th. HFB is also releasing a split piece of paper with BARR on Planaria Recordings.

La Mi Vida Violenta will also be playing some shows in the next few weeks.

The Ruffian BFF Tour 2005 with La Mi Vida Violenta, Sentai, and Hand Fed Babies will be covering alot of the Northeast and some of the Midwest and coming back through the not-so-deep South. Dates will go up as we book them.

There is talk about a little CDR Ruffian sampler some time soon. A couple recent songs.

Horses should be playing shows in the next few months, so keep it locked for more dates.

FYI: On June 2nd at the Warehouse Next Door - Na (Japanese noise by way of Seattle, you can check them out playing with assorted cpr players and ruffians on the new socketsCDR 3" CD).

Shake the nation,

News, 21 April, 2005

Things are gearing up to get hectic at ruffian HQ. First we are moving into a new office(!) in the basement so we can be organized and be on top of orders and the like. So in the mean time orders might be delayed as things get set up. Otherwise we're putting the Equinox CDEP together and getting ready to get it to the pressing plant. We haven't set an official release date yet but we'll let you know.

Hand Fed Babies is recording an EP in May which will hopefully be out in time for the Ruffian BFF Tour 2005 with La Mi Vida Violenta, Sentai, and Hand Fed Babies. We will be covering alot of the Northeast and some of the Midwest and coming back through the not-so-deep South. Dates will go up as we book them. HFB is also releasing a split piece of paper with BARR on Planaria Recordings.

The Fuck Yr. Publicist comp is coming together. More on that when more is known.

There is talk about a little CDR Ruffian sampler some time soon. A couple recent songs.

Horses (re-named Black At It due to legal troubles and/or someone's sense of humor... just kidding) is playing 3 shows with Q and not U next week in Philly, Boston, and NYC. By then we should have a CD-R ep of some demos we made in february.

Sentai will be playing some dates in DC in the next few months before the tour.

There will be some Shows we are helping to set up in DC that you shouldn't miss (if you live here):

5/30 Black Cat Sentai, Sharon Cheslow, Hand Fed Babies
6/2 Warehouse Next Door: Na (Japanese noise by way of Seattle, you can check them out playing with assorted cpr players and ruffians on the new socketsCDR 3" CD).

Keep an eye out for more. This is going to be a good, good summer.

Sean and I are DJing at the Black Cat in on 5/20 (as DLX and TVP) with a special guest.

You should check out a zine written by my friend Ciaran in Belfast. It's called Vacant Sound and is mostly music interviews with Irish bands. It's pretty amazing to see punk/diy scenes on a smallish island and how they're communicating with each other. There's also an interview with Steve from now-defunct Cat on Form. Next issue will have an interview with the Ex. You can contact Ciaran at

Shake the nation,

News, 24 March, 2005

*Check out the Tour page for an update on live dates in the next month.

*Horses will be supporting Q and not U in Philadelphia, Boston and New York at the end of April.

*Barr. Seriously. Look out for a split piece of paper out on Planaria soon.

*Sockets CDR is releasing a 3" CDR from a Radio CPR improvisational session on March 5th, 2005. The artwork should be finished by this weekend and will be ready on April 1st.

*Ruffian friends Navies are gearing up for some major touring and two record releases.

*The Rude Staircase.

*La Mi Vida Violenta live footage of "Blanks" can be found at this link (it's a mpg file, so make sure your computer can handle it). Also, spend some time over at I'm Macon Movies...

News, 10 March, 2005

*La Mi Vida Violenta live footage of "Blanks" can be found at this link (it's a mpg file, so make sure your computer can handle it)

*Updated Photos page. Check it out.

*Updated Tour dates for Sentai and La Mi Vida Violenta. Both bands will be in the Northeast for the next few days. Horses will be supporting Q and not U in Philadelphia, Boston and New York. Hand Fed Babies will also be playing a few shows in the next two months. Keep checking for new dates on each band.

*Ruffian friends Navies are gearing up for some major touring and two record releases.

*Also, look out for Ruffian friends The Rude Staircase.

SocketsCDR is gearing up to release a limited 3" CDR at the end of March (Na and friends). Stayed Tuned and check the Sockets page for some Photos of Na.

**Also, if anyone is interested in signing up for the Ruffian e-mail list, write

News, 28 February, 2005

A quick update:

The No-Gos "Young Ironists" 7" is out of stock. The A.K.A. Harlot #1 CS is temporarily out of stock but we will be making more soon. Check back for availability.

*Updated Tour dates for Sentai, La Mi Vida Violenta, Horses and Hand Fed Babies. Check to see if any of these fine bands will be in your area in March and April.

SocketsCDR will be releasing some new material in the next few months. Stayed Tuned.

*Also, Ruffian is starting an E-mail list that will update Ruffian tours and releases and other related news. If you would like to be added to the e-mail list, please send a message along to

News, 20 February, 2005

New tour dates for Sentai and La Mi Vida Violenta can be found on the Shows page.

News, 15 February, 2005

Ruffian hopes you all are well. Some quick news and updates.

*La Mi Vida Violenta/Sentai split CDEP will be officially out March 7, 2005. However, we have copies (the split is pictured to the left) of the record for order. To get your copy, please go to the Catalogue page. The split can also be ordered from Dischord Direct.

Stay tuned, and check out the archived NEWS:

Tour page is updated. More Sentai dates are coming soon.

Audio page will be up soon. We promise.

Pictures page will also be up soon.

Keep it locked,


News, 31 January, 2005

The release date for the La Mi Vida Violenta/Sentai split CDep is being delayed til March 7. You can still pre-order it and anyone who already has pre-ordered will have their copy shipped as soon as we have them. They will also be available from us before the official release date.

My mic sounds nice,


News, 24 January, 2005

Happy New Year! Things are about to be busy here. The La Mi Vida Violenta/Sentai split cdep will be out on Valentine's day and will be available here for $7ppd within the US. You can pre-order it by e-mailing or sending &7 to the PO Box. Also the AKA Harlot #1 and BOHICA cassettes will be more readily and regularly available. The webiste re-design is in early stages. The Equinox EP is still in the final stages of design and will be out soon (I promise). Hopefully some more records available soon and updated tour pages.

Hand Fed Babies and Horses have been playing shows over the past couple of months and will be playing more soon. HFB played two dates with Sentai and La Mi Vida Violenta this past weekend and they were great. Horses plays tonight at the Black Cat in Washington, DC and will be playing dates with Like Language and Navies in the spring.

The Ruffian PO Box has had some serious problems lately due to a confusion at the Post Office. If you sent me anything there and haven't heard back from me chances are I never got it. It seems to be resolved now though.

Here are some bands you should check out but maybe you haven't because they're not well-known or covered well:

(This isn't a comprehensive list, and I'm leaving out alot of bands I really love and I'll probably update this periodically...Sean isn't in anywayresponsible for this list unless he wants to add stuff to it, Sean? --Hugh)

DC and area: Navies, Like Language, Food for Animals, Threads, Sentai, Caution Curves, The Rude Staircase

LA: Rose For Bohdan, Wives, BARR

Canada: Les Angles Morts, Creeping Nobodies

Massachusetts: La Mi Vida Violenta

UK: Bullet Union, Birds of...

Chicago: Scalpels, The Coughs

Bloomington, IN: Turn Pale, Panoply Academy

My mic sounds nice,


News, 23 October, 2004

Well things have slowed down here but are going to pick up again soon. There are many new things about to happen in the world of ruffian and much to announce. First, our dear friend Sean is going to be helping out with the label and, especially important, this website. This means it might actually get updated more often and we may get rid of the ludicrously outdated 'new and forthcoming' page or make it reflect what's up here. This is good news indeed. Sean also does a phenomenal radio show on sunday nights from 11-1 (usually every other weekend) about which I will post more information when I can. He is also the other half of Hand Fed Babies, which is our band.

Also coming soon is the La Mi Vida Violenta/Sentai split CDEP (mp3s up soon!). La Mi Vida Violenta is from Massachusetts and they are a huge and wonderful noise. There are seven of them and many more instruments than members. It's got a sort of afrobeat funk avant garde jazz girl/boy revolution thing to it and needs to be heard. They've been expanding people's heads in DC and on tour with Q and not U and I assume wherever else they go. Sentai is from IKEA and they bring together really driving raw punk rock, a little ass shaking music, electronics and toys. Think of it as the smart kids starting a riot in the asylum wing of the grade school and the sirens turning it into a party, or something like that. It should be out early next year, but we may get it done earlier.

The Equinox EP is delayed indefinitely but we'll get some mp3s up of that also.

All of the former members of Black Eyes are still busy playing music. Jacob is out in Northern California playing with one of the members of Klondike and Yorke.

Daniel has done some solo performances and played at least one show with Flowers, which was a mixture of composed and improvised music played on guitar, violin and drums and was really really good so I'm sorry if you missed it.

Dan, Mike, and I are in a band called Horses with Fiona from Et At It. We've been playing in and around DC lately.

I'm in an improv collective called Go To Sleep and also in the aforementioned Hand Fed Babies.


News, 26 May 2004

The Turn Pale single is available and proving popular in Northern Europe. Check it out. It's available here and at Dischord Direct ( and will soon be available through Stickfigure and Secretly Canadian as well.

I mentioned that my e-mail got screwed. There were some people I was talking to about promos of this for review whose addresses I have lost. If you are one of those people or write for a publication that you would like to review ruffian stuff in, please send me an e-mail and a copy of the publication you write for. If you are just starting up something and have no issues out, drop a line and we can work it out. Info on the contact page.

Go to Sleep is playing in NYC and Philly this weekend. See Tour page.

White Flight, Like Language, and Navies played a great show on Thursday at the Black Cat.

The art for the Equinox record should be coming soon.

Lungfish and the Quails, and then the Evens and the Quails ruled my world in the last couple of weeks knocking me down and making me giddy. More gender more of the time! And more shows like those two!

That's about all I can think of right now.

News, 28 April, 2004

The new Turn Pale single is out now!!!

rr009 Turn Pale, "Films We Like" c/w "Weapons Training" 7"

Brand new release from Turn Pale, featuring two tracks destined for dance floors where discerning death disco DJs reside.

Well that's what the band said about it in a pre-tour e-mail. I would go on to add that although we've loved them from the beginning when we first saw them play at the Galaxy Hut, this is our favorite recording by them and it will have you making strange motions. There's a record release show for it in Bloomington, IN on the 4th of May and I'll post details when I have them.

The Equinox CDep is mastered and we're waiting on the artwork to give a tentative time for release. Soon, though.

Go To Sleep (ex-black eyes, members of navies and like language) is playing at the Knitting Factory in New York tomorrow night, 29 April, with Les Angles Morts and Creeping Nobodies.

Les Angles Morts and Creeping Nobodies are playing TONIGHT at Warehouse Next Door (1017 7th St. NW) with local ruffian youth co-conspirators Sentai and Ghost to Falco.

Lastly, the ruffian inbox blew up and I lost all my e-mail addresses. If we were in the middle of correspondence and I dropped off it's because I don't have your e-mail anymore, so anyone who wants to get back in touch send an e-mail to

And I still haven't updated the new and upcoming page, but I swear I will.


News, 22 March, 2004

Once again, long time, no news. But now there is news. So here we go.

Black Eyes has been playing a few shows between DC and Philadelphia and will play at the Black Cat in Washington, DC on Friday, the 26th of March. It's our 200th show, so be there. 

Ruffian is also very excited to announce two upcoming releases (and the imminent change of the really outdated new and upcoming page):

rr009 Turn Pale, "Films We Like" c/w "Weapons Training" 7" due out within the next couple of weeks.

Brand new release from Turn Pale, featuring two tracks destined for dance floors where discerning death disco DJs reside

rr010 Equinox CDep. Equinox is Hugh from Black Eyes and Saran from AKA Harlot #1. These tracks were recorded in 2000 and 2001 with help from Mike, Dan, and Jacob of Black Eyes and finally mixed around the New Year 2003/2004. Elements of Funk, Dub, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Punk, Haitian Percussion, Soul, and minimal Pop combine on this 3 song ep. We're really excited and happy to have this coming out finally, though we're not sure exactly when it's coming out. But it will be soon.

Bazhena, whose CDep is available here, is now Navies. More than changing their name, Navies has really pushed themselves into a new and exciting place musically within the same lineup and basic framework of Bazhena. They have a 7" coming out on their own Foilage records soon.

Sean from Navies is in a new band, Like Language, with our friends and neighbors Dan Haab and Matt Borlik. They've played a handful of local shows and we're excited to see where they are going and what they're doing.

Sentai, from Woodbridge, VA is touring soon and maybe recording for a couple of EPs soon. 

In other news Go To Sleep, a loose collective of DC rock kids played the No Fun Fest in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday. The show was great and we had a really good time, with the bonus of running into friends I'd met on tour in the UK unexpectedly. The members of Go To Sleep present on the night were Ed and Mike (Navies), Sean (Navies and Like Language), Dan (Go To Sleep), Evan (Eternal Life Curator and soon to be expatriate), and Hugh (Black Eyes). There was lots of thumping, rattling, feeding-back, sampling, yelling, synth-farting, and the new blow drum (which has nothing to do with cocaine) and somehow we managed to keep it together with only a minimal idea of what we were going to do before getting on stage. More shows to follow with whoever happens to be playing in the group.

 That's it for now. More to come soon, I believe.

News 8 January, 2004

Another long gap between updates, as I was on tour for most of the last 4 months of 2003. But Ruffian is back to being active at the beginning of the year and there is alot going on. First of all I'd like to thank everyone who gave Black Eyes shows on our 3 1/2 month whirlwind tour of Canada, the US, and Europe and everyone who put us up and fed us and extend love and thanks to Et At It for touring with us in Canada and to Q and not U, El Guapo, Antelope, and French Toast for touring with us in the US. In Europe there are many, many people to thank, but I'd like in particular to thanks those people we did 'micro tours' with. Disco Drive from Torino, Italy, Bullet Union from London, UK, and Killing Spree from Belfast, Northern Ireland. And thanks to Josef our driver. We've had a really good year. I'd also like to apologize to those people at shows we had to cancel. We had a couple illnesses and one death in the family that prevented us from making a few shows in the states and w e are sorry for that. But thanks, and happy 2004!

There are a number of new things going on here in the coming weeks. Black Eyes is going back into the studio to record a second album in the middle of the month. That will be coming out on Dischord later in the year. The EP on Sound Virus and Hand Held Heart has been postponed but is still happening and will most likely be a split with the amazing Need New Body from Philadelphia. We are taking a break from touring, but are playing shows in DC and on the East Coast in the winter and spring with such bands as La Mi Vida Violenta, Black Dice, KRMTX, Need New Body and more. 

Ruffian is gearing up to release some new records. A 7" by Turn Pale from Bloomington, Indiana, is in the works and 3 songs by Hugh and Saran (Black Eyes/AKA Harlot #1) under an as-yet-undecided name may be coming out as an EP. There are a few other bands we're hoping to make records with in the coming year so information will go up on that whenever we figure anything out. 

Also we are about to run out of both the Black Eyes "Some Boys" 7" and the Black Eyes Early Humans split. The split is out of print and the "Some Boys" 7" won't be re-pressed for a while, but in the meantime all of the Black Eyes tracks from those records are available on a CDEP from the band at shows or from us here. 

If you have been, roll over.


News 28 August, 2003

Hi folks. Long time since I've been able to update this. I hope everyone is doing well. Black Eyes is about to leave on tour again for much of the rest of the year. We are traveling to Canada first for about a week with our friends Et At It, who are amazing and you should go see them when you get a chance. Then after a show in Boston on our way back to the East Coast of the states, we're meeting up with Q and not U in New Jersey and starting a 6 1/2 week tour with them. We'll be covering most of the country so check our tour dates on the Dischord website ( We're getting home in late October for about two weeks' rest and then heading to Europe for 6 weeks. Tour dates for Europe can be found at but most of the shows aren't totally locked down yet. Because of that, things will be slow here at ruffian for the rest of the year. I am trying to get one or two records out while we are on the road. We'll see what happens. But mailorder will contin ue thanks to Mike from Bazhena and my roommate and good friend Evan. Orders can be sent to the same address as always and payment by the same methods. There might be slightly increased delays because of mail forwarding, etc. but go ahead. Please e-mail to check availability of all records first, though if you have access to e-mail. We are running low on Black Eyes Some Boys 7"s and Black Eyes/Early Humans splits and it may be a while before the some boys 7" is re-pressed. OK, that's it for now. Hope to see some of you on the road in the next couple months. 


News 11 June, 2003

Hey everybody, we (Black Eyes) are home from tour! We had a really good time everywhere and only one bad show. So thanks to everyone who came out to our shows, talked to us, let us sleep on their floors/couches/beds and eat their food/drink their beer, and set up the shows/played with us. Particular thanks and much love are due to the Philly Contingent, Rachael and her household in Oberlin, Paul and Al in Chicago, the Detroit Arts Space,  The Swayze Compound, Adam and all at Pink House in Lawrence, KS, everyone at CoCA in Seattle, as well as Adam (and household) for putting us up/putting up with us and Scott for dropping some knowledge (and a couple of records) on me and taking us for amazing vegan biscuits and gravy,  Steve and Annie and family (one of the best showers of my life in Portland), to Leigh and Nadya in San Francisco and Berkeley, Matt and Biko House in Santa Barbara, Brian, Mike, and Steve in LA, as well as Casa del Pueblo, Ken and Cindy in San Diego, Ma rk in Austin and Dismemberment Plan and Michael as we crossed paths in that city, the Long family, John and Kathy, for exceptional hospitality and one of the most relaxing nights of tour, as well as a house full of incredible art, to Ally (Ali? Ellie?) in Shreveport for the sick vegan feast, THE KIDS in Athens, Tom, Corey, and Josh in Sumerville/Charleston, SC as well as Brian (Bacon) and Lauren for showing up three nights in a row, and the Greenville contingent whom it was nice to see in Wilmington, and Kathleen, too.

MAD LOVE  TO Steve Cossman, roadie extraordinaire and the ANIMATOR. and to our tour buddies: The Faux, and Bazhena (incl. Evan), who made touring a joy. and to Mach Tivers for showing up every couple of days to hang out and play a show...Thanks to all the other bands  we played with, particularly Air Conditioning, Mammal, Scalpels,    [Blue], Chromatics, Sleetmute Nightmute, Klondike and York, Experimental Dental School, Lo-Fi Nissans, Rose for Bohdan, and Optimus Prime. No thanks to the cops in San Luis Obispo, but thanks to the radio station for having us play there on air when the show got shut down. I'm almost certainly forgetting alot. So thanks again. 

In other ruffian news: 

There is a bit of reorganization going on in the distro. A few prices are being raised because of this year's postage increases and because of the difficulty of putting together certain items. Nothing will be extravagant though. All 7" will now be $4 ppd and the a.k.a. harlot #1 cassette will be $2. We still have about 10 copies of the Black Eyes/Early Humans split, which is otherwise hard to find and will probably be firmly out of print very soon. But for those who want the Black Eyes track on that split ("have been murdered again" a.k.a. "someone has his fingers broken" a.k.a. "4") and are CD-only types, there is now a CD that has that track as well as the two songs from the first Black Eyes 7" (rr008) "Some Boys" and "Shut up, I Never". That can be ordered here and is also available at Black Eyes shows. We are also adding to the distributed items CDs by our friends Bazhena (who we toured with for the last week of ou r US tour) and I control the Dinosaurs (for details see the catalogue page). 

Hopefully there will be a CD single out later this year of a recording project that I and Saran (who was in a.k.a. harlot #1) have been working on sopradically for about 3 years. It will be 3 songs written and recorded between August 2000 and April 2001 (yeah, we've been slow lately). There will be more info once it's been mixed.


That's all folks,


News 8 May, 2003

Long time no update. Sorry. Things have been crazy busy around here. The main thing going on is that Black Eyes is going on tour tomorrow. This affects ruffian in the following way: I won't be able to fill any orders between May 9th (tomorrow) and June 8th, when we get back. So if you want to send an order feel free, but it will be seriously delayed if you send it soon. I will be occasionally checking e-mail so if you have any questions send them to In other news, the Black Eyes record is out on Dischord, and can be acquired through them directly at We will probably have copies here after the tour. Also there is a Black Eyes track on the White Denim compilation "Closetfull of Clothes" which is out now and available through White Denim at Also for those who don't have record players, the three 7" tracks out by black eyes will be available on CD directly through us in a few days (we'r e getting them in Chicago, so for all tour dates after that) and through here and probably elsewhere soon after the tour. I am also about to update the show pages. Hmmm...what else. I hope to see you on tour. 


PS look for one or two new records on ruffian coming this year...

News 18 February, 2003

WEEKEND OF FUN! First apologies to anyone who came out to see Black Eyes in Boston or Fredericksburg. We didn't make the Boston show and the Fredericksburg show was cancelled due to snow. Interesting story. We were planning to stop in New Brunswick, NJ on the way to Boston to see a van. We got a flat tire. The tow truck operator who changed the tire (after mananging to help us extract it from its hold) apparently didn't tighten the lugs enough when he replaced it and it decided to leave the van in Connecticut while we were traveling at 60 mph. At the peak of its performance it flew 30 feet  in the air and struck another vehicle. Thankfully, Jacob got us into a non-traffic lane and the cops came and we got towed to a Sears nearby (Thank you Jerry). Also luckily, this happened not too far from Matt Schnipper's parents' house and he was able to call our friend Steve (who has also hooked us up with some sweet T-shirts) to pick us up and drive us there. We ate pizza and watched Steve's animated films, which are great, and then saw a bad horror movie and went to bed. After we got the van fixed in the afternoon we drove to about exit 3 on the NJ Turnpike, and the four of us left (two took the train) got a motel and did the rest of the drive yesterday. But despite the setbacks, we still had a good time. Weekend of fun forever and ever amen.


News 29 January, 2003

Sorry the site has gone so long without an update. I have just gotten things sorted out for doing that from the computer I have access to. I promise more frequent updates in the future. Apologies also go to anyone who was confused by the Jan 19th show listing on the Tour page for Black Eyes/MMR in Brooklyn. The show has been moved to tomorrow night, Feb. 1st. See the tour page or, for really detailed info, check the Troubleman website ( Also, Black Eyes dates can be found on the tour page of the Dischord website ( and at the Planaria website ( More news to follow soon.


News 8 December 2002

OK. It seems as though the photos section of the site is sorted out (knock on wood). We'll see...

The Black Eyes full-length is finished and sequenced. It will be coming out on Dischord in early 2002 (possibly April). Black Eyes are also planning an EP and a couple of tracks on comps for next year. 

The ruffian e-mail address,, apparently isn't getting all the e-mail people are sending. If you've sent an e-mail and haven't heard anything back for a while, it probably isn't because we're snubbing you. If this happens, send me an e-mail at and put the words "ruffian records" in the heading so I don't think you're sending me herbal viagra promos.

We have copies of the Black Eyes/Early Humans Split 7". You can order them here for $4ppd.


News 26 November 2002

ARGHHH! After I finally got the photos up, the Black Eyes ones have been inaccessible for over a week now. I haven't been able to figure out the problem yet, so they'll go back up as soon as they do. 

In other news, we have a Paypal account now. The e-mail address for it is I'll put more information up about that on the ordering/catalogue page when I figure out the strange world of Paypal. 

Black Eyes has finished recording and mixing an album at Inner Ear studios in Arlington, VA with Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara. They will be sequencing it tonight. It should be available next year.

The Black Eyes/Early Humans split 7" on Planaria Recordings has arrived. We'll have copies here soon and they can be obtained through the band and through Planaria at They look pretty and sound nice. 

Look for a Black Eyes website soon. 

Wussy Bunny (ex-BOHICA) performed a rock opera at ART-O-MATIC earlier this month. Whoah. 

Black Eyes will be playing in DC at ART-O-MATIC on friday, November 29. For details go to (I think) They will also be playing November 7th at La Casa in Mt. Pleasant with Et At It, Scalpels (ex-Trooper), and Tuohy (ex-Early Humans) and in Baltimore with Tuohy and Scalpels on the 8th and with Virginia Black Lung in December. 

That's all I can think of. 

News 6 November 2002

Photos may be up now. Updated show list. I will post more when I am sure about the photos.

News 15 October 2002

I think the photo pages will be up today once I finish typing this. There are a handful of Black Eyes photos from a couple different shows as well as a page of shots from the very last Early Humans show in June of this year. However, if things go wrong... 

If you live in the DC/Baltimore area come check out the Black Eyes shows on Thursday and Friday of this week (the 17th and 18th). Thursday is in Baltimore at Charm City Art Space with, among others, Turn Pale from Bloomington Indiana. Black Eyes toured with them for a few days this summer and they are amazing. Turn Pale features members of Panoply Academy (fill in the blank)...They are playing with them again in Arlington, Virginia the next day, Friday the 18th, and our friends Measles Mumps Rubella. On Saturday, Black Eyes is heading up to Providence, RI. Next week, look for shows with Q and not U in Philadelphia and Brooklyn, and with Give Me Danger in New Brunswick, NJ.

Feel free to drop a line to if you want more info about anything. 


News 10 October 2002

Slightly updated show list. There will be more added to it soon. The Black Eyes/Early Humans split should be out soon. But most urgently, I have been having problems receiving mail at the ruffian records po box. At least one order has not come through which should have arrived by now and I suspect that more may have had that trouble. Two things you can do when ordering to help are:

A) if sending cash, conceal it extremely well
B) write to ruffian records c/o Hugh McElroy

Although I have gotten plenty of mail addressed to "ruffian records" alone, the Post Office can't refuse to put mail with my name on it in my box. 

Thanks, more soon, I hope,

News 4 September 2002

Not too much to report. The Shows list has been updated and I am working on setting up photo pages. You may have noticed the photo link has been inactive for some time. I made some stupid mistakes in setting up the photos I'd rather no one saw them. I promise it will be up when I have a chance. The Pain (Daniel, Jacob, and Mike from Black Eyes) played a great show at Black Cat last night. Their ever-changing instrumentation included one of the club's trash cans. Black Eyes is writing and recording demos for a full-length to be actually recorded this fall and released some time after that. 

More to come,

NEWS. 11 June 2002

Black Eyes are back from our tour. We played most of our first week with Early Humans (who are fine gentlemen as well as being a killer band) after which we played a few shows with Turn Pale from Bloomington IN. They are people from Panoply and Drekka. They rocked us night after night from the Half-Pipe we played in in Bloomington to the stage we didn't fit on in Lexington, KY. Michael crawled on the bar, fell down, kicked me in the legs, and then kissed all of us. It was that kind of show. In Chicago we played with Scalpels, which is Paul from Trooper's new band. They like SoCo. They also rock the no-wave very hard and are, like all of our friends and touring comrades, utterly charming. Thanks to everyone who put on a show for us (except to the one club that ripped all of the bands off) especially the people with rad DIY spaces and houses. Thanks also to everyone who let us sleep in their homes/their parents' homes. Tekulvi and Haymarket Riot (from Chicago) are good bands to run into twice on tour. Particular thanks are due to Matt Schnipper who was our 6th wheel and roadied and merched for us while guiding us into and out of sanity as needed. 

 Our partners in driving all day and then waiting for shit to happen, the Early Humans, are no more. They played their last show this past Saturday, June 8th at La's (Wussy Bunny, BOHICA) house with Last of the Juanitas, Japanther, and Black Eyes. I am really sorry for anyone who didn't see this band while they were around, they were amazing. They were perhaps the best they've ever been for their last show, which ended with the front row of the audience mixed thoroughly with Wells' drums, boxers dropped, Kevin entangled in a lamp and a piano, and a crowd of amazed but sad people. Japanther and Last of the Juanitas also had the people psyched. You should also check them out. Both have records out and I think both are still on tour right now. For those of you who missed the Early Humans, they have a CDep out on Wantage USA as well as a split 7" with Stars of the Dogon on the same label. Also they have a one-sided 7& quot; on CR in Sweden and one side of a split 7" coming out in England. Also, we are proud to say, there will be a split 7" featuring Early Humans and Black Eyes out on Planaria Recordings this summer. Check out Black Eyes have a few shows coming up around DC and the East Coast. The tour page will be updated as these are confirmed. 

Thanks to everyone who has given us photos. Some of these will be up on the site soon. And please, if you have photos of Black Eyes, Early Humans, Wussy Bunny, or any other related band, we'd love to see them. Email them to: or post them to

Ruffian Records
PO Box 5522
Washington, DC 20016

Please let us know if it is or isn't OK to use your photo on the site, flyers etc. You will be credited for any photo that  gets used for anything.

Also, now available from Tomato Juice Records, Hives Need Hearts, a comp 7" featuring Bazhena, The Beauty Pill, and The No-Gos. Released in the last two weeks as a benefit for CCNV. We will have this 7" in soon for $4 ppd. Beauty Pill features members of Smart Went Crazy and Most Secret Method. Bazhena are a fine young band who you should check out. The No-Gos are all in Black Eyes now. 


NEWS. 10 May 2002

Hello everybody. Welcome to the new, finally-created-after-a-year ruffian website. Sorry, it will be ugly for a while and may not work right as I am new at this. For those who don't know Ruffian records is a tiny label operating in and around Washington, DC. It tends to not put records out very often. Two of its last three releases have been posthumous.

Here is what's new around here:

Black Eyes 7"

The Black Eyes 7" came out on Ruffian on April 22, 2002. It has two songs on it: "Shut Up I Never" and "Some Boys." It was recorded by Don Zientara and Ian MacKaye at Arlington, VA's Inner Ear. Heavy on the basses and drummers. Black Eyes is the remnant of Trooper + the two No-Gos who weren't in Trooper in full rhythm style. It is available through Dischord Direct or directly from Ruffian

Ruffian Records c/o Hugh McElroy

PO Box 5522
Washington, DC 20016
$4 ppd. Checks payable to Hugh McElroy

Trooper Epson Energy Split 12"

Sadly, due to mastering and budget problems, the Trooper/Epson Energy split 12" has been cancelled. Some bad noise on the master scuppered the record last summer. Anyone who wants to hear the record can write to and we can work something out for getting a tape to you. if enough people want it we will probably put it out as a small run of cassettes. We hope the Trooper recordings will come out somehow. 3/4 of Trooper is now 3/5 of Black Eyes. Check them out. The other 1/4 of Trooper is soon to be spreading the love + pain in Chicago in The Scalpels. (See Black Eyes tour dates for a show w/ The Scalpels).

BOHICA from the grave.

A cassette of BOHICAis now available on Ruffian. BOHICA destroyed DC

with love, howls, convulsive harmonies, and rhythm in the 2000-2001 period. This cassette features their studio recordings and some live spasms. People with no soul who think they know what's what are set on fire by BOHICA. Sadly their song about friends and neighbors Early Humans is not included. "Airplane Man", however, is. $5 ppd. from Ruffian. Rocker #3 and Rocker #3 of BOHICA are tearing DC up in WUSSY BUNNY. 

Black Eyes/Early Humans split 7"

Planaria recordings is releasing a split 7" of Black Eyes and Early Humans (both bands feature former members of Exaspirin, whose cassette is on ruffian records). Due out summer 2002. for info.

Black Eyes Tour Dates

May 20- @ the galaxy hut w/measles mumps rubella
May 24- Akron, Ohio @ the lime spider w/early humans, sheilbound
May 25- Columbus, Ohio @ bernie’s w/early humans, sheilbound
May 26- Buffalo, NY @ TBA w/early humans, sheilbound
May 27- Philadelphia, Pa @ 1st Unitarian Church w/dead and gone, an albatross, aim of conrad
May 28- Easthampton, Mass @ flywheel w/early humans
May 29- Boston, Mass @ the middle east w/early humans, the seconds, ex-models
May 30- New Brunswick, NJ @ hamilton street café w/early humans, aim of conrad
May 31- Wilkes-Barre, Pa @ café metropolis w/early humans, aim of conrad, an albatross
June 1- Pittsburgh, Pa @ house show w/turn pale (for info email
June 2- Bloomington, In. @ space 101 w/turn pale
June 3- Indianapolis, In. @ TBA w/turn pale
June 4- Chicago, IL @ house show w/scalpels(ex-trooper) (for info email
June 5- Baltimore, MD @ ottobar w/the gossip, the chromatics
June 6- Richmond, VA @ house show (for info email
June 8- Washington, D.C. @ TBA w/early humans (LAST SHOW!) and the last of the juanitas